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From content marketers to account managers to sales teams, the frustration is real. Not having quick access to the brand collateral you need when you need it can detrimentally interrupt your sales and service cycle.

Something as simple as changing a sales persons’ contact info could disrupt conversations. Alternatively, from the company perspective, turning your internal teams loose on Publisher or other typical office apps to ‘fix it’ or ‘make it’ themselves is a brand standard disaster waiting to happen.

Your Solution? Answer: SixCE

From single page flyers to multi-page documents our Six Collateral Engine (SixCE) has you covered. Need new collateral created, but no design team? Don’t worry! We have some of the industry’s best creative designers on TeamSix ready to put their creative brains to work for you.

SIXCE: A Collateral Engine For Brand and Creative Managers, Your Sales Team, and Your Clients and Customers

Brand & Creative Managers

Brand and Creative Managers can relax with SixCE. Simply send TeamSix all brand collateral you would like to be accessible and/or editable by your internal team and import those assets into a central library with only the areas you want editable available to your sales and service team. In just a snap, you will have accomplished providing central access to all on-brand, company-approved, available collateral. Brand control at it’s most efficient and cost effective. You can even establish a workflow on our platform for Print and Social Share requests to help with your internal approval workflow.

Sales Team

Remove the sales cycle disruption of trying to find the collateral you need to accompany the conversations you are having. Send TeamSix any flyers, infosheets, whitepapers, reports, presentations and more in PDF format and we will give you a library that can be edited quickly and easily. Need to make basic contact info changes to a flyer? No problem. Create the printables you need consistently, or replicate beautifully-designed digital downloads in minutes. With SixCE, you have all your collateral available at a moment’s notice, leaving your sales funnel clean of any clogs to the machine.

Clients & Customers

Use SixCE for your external clients and customers, too! In fact, you can even brand our platform to carry their company brand (or yours), making for a cohesive experience between their company and their clients. Have documents and forms that need to be shared, used and/or edited by people outside your organization? No problem. TeamSix can import your client-facing materials and lock or mark areas as editable, wherever and whenever you need. You simply provide your clients or customers with a URL, User Name and Password, and you’re off to better collateral management.

Beyond SixCE...

At SixDegrees, we offer a variety of marketing tools at the disposal of B2B (Business to Business) entrepreneurs.

The Disruptor Stack – This powerful marketing stack allows you to amplify your story, boost your reach, and convert your traffic through the use of top-notch SEO, PPC and Content strategies. Read Further.

Partner Relationship – This service level is the core of what makes our agency extremely powerful. We are specialized in your industry and dedicated to your organization. We redefine the meaning of ‘marketing partner’ and get granular with your strategy to ensure that we bring the expertise to the table to get the full job done for one flat cost all year long. Learn More.

Builder Relationship – Customized to fit your needs. This is a ‘flat-rate’program in which you do not incur additional costs above your contracted rate and is designed to include all of the components and processes needed to help you build a first-class, self-sufficient internal marketing department over a two year period. Read More.

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