Retain the Full Power of our Team of Experts

85% of our client base are Partners. The Partner platform consists of powerful, proven, result-focused processes that come together with expertly developed marketing strategy to take your marketing efforts from zero to hero very quickly.

This service level is the core of what makes our agency extremely powerful. We are specialized in your industry and dedicated to your organization. We redefine the meaning of ‘marketing partner’ and get granular with your strategy to ensure that we bring the expertise to the table to get the full job done for one flat cost all year long.

Most importantly, we recognize the importance of collaboration and integration with your leadership and sales teams. Marketing isn’t designed to sit on the sidelines. Marketing’s core function is to drive interest, interaction and recognition. We work daily to innovate new and creative ways to engage your audience and narrow the field of competition. We strategically leverage your brand to draw in prospects based on what they need, not based on what you do or how you do it. We connect prospects with your brand story and culture to create recognition of why you do what you do and the unique relationship you offer.

All too often, when we ask prospects what their current marketing situation looks like, we hear things like,  ‘the secretary is doing some social media’, ‘the sales team sends out email blasts’, and ‘the HR person is sending out newsletters’. ‘At least we are communicating, right?!’ … Sort of. We know the story. We have heard it a lot, but this is much like asking your dentist to perform the upcoming triple bypass and expecting a good result.

Marketing requires expertise. It is a science in its purest form. There is a difference in just communicating and truly marketing. Marketing is strategic and proactive, whereas simple communication is more pragmatic and reactive. Marketing has a goal of producing results that can be leveraged by sales. Communicating has a goal of simply delivering a statement or message. One drives engagement and interaction, while the other is only a one-way trip for a sound bite.

Consistent communication is a part of the marketing process, but marketing is not necessarily a part of simple communication. If you really assess what is currently done, most would say they ‘communicate’ not ‘market’, and most would even go so far as to say they don’t think they communicate effectively.

At SixDegrees, we cover all the bases for our Partners. You get the full depth and breadth of ALL of our expertise, proven processes, tools and resources at your fingertips. We become your marketing team; all-in and always powered on. We are focused not only on your marketing, but we are also on your pipeline; in fact, our entire process is built around it. We don’t just bridge the gap between marketing and sales- we close it- because marketing doesn’t make sales, it makes opportunities. From strategy and creative, to identifying and developing the leads, SixDegrees is there for one flat cost, all year long.

Wow, salespeople really LOVE to share their secrets! Yeah … no…, they really don’t. Whether its a lucky sock or a secret sauce, that trick or process you’ve got that makes it rain is going with you to the grave – are we right?

We understand this- intimately:). That is why we have built in, no cost EXCLUSIVITY with our Partners. Let’s face it, when you hire us to become your marketing partner, you don’t want the competitor down the road having that same edge, right?

We wanted to develop an environment where our clients wouldn’t compete with each other; one that was conducive to innovation and idea sharing (when possible) to create even more possibilities for success.

So you can take your lucky sock out of hiding and wear it proudly (we won’t tell)!

Partners have always on access to everything we do. Below are examples of some of the services provided for our Partners:

Brand research and development

Weekly client conference call (or sales meeting dial-ins)

Anytime access to consultative services

Campaign development & management

Website development, hosting & management

Content strategy & content creation

Social media - Strategy & Management

Search Engine Optimization & Paid Advertising

Email marketing creation & management

PR Services

Business intelligence (Interactive Prospect Behavior Analysis)

CRM training, maintenance, & support

Sales collateral concept, creation & production (presentations, rfps, etc)

Management, training & development of CRM technology

Collateral Library development

... and much more

The Partner is market exclusive where we effectively become your marketing department. This is a ‘flat-rate’program in which you do not incur additional costs above your contracted rate and is designed to include all of the components and processes needed to effectively develop and manage your marketing strategy.

Average Annual Cost:

$60,000 – $120,000 *◊

* price varies based upon size of organization and services to be included. Discovery consultation, proposal and detailed scope of services will be provided prior to engagement.

please inquire about discounts that may be available on services for certain affiliations (ie BAN, UBA, etc)