People say we're awesome

... and that makes us happy;)

Creative Genius

It’s been said creativity oozes out of our organization. We think that sounds kind of gross, but are proud of the sentiment. We see creativity not simply as an acquired job skill, but as a God-given talent. You either have -it-… or you don’t.  At SixDegrees, we possess -it- in spades. We leverage our ability to see things differently to effectively differentiate you.

Some Pretty Cool Experts

We hire really amazing, purpose-driven people. We keep our team small, friendly, effective and focused. There is one reason we come to work everyday and that reason is you (and possibly the corner coffee shop). We consistently work to produce results that matter to our clients, because our clients genuinely matter to us.

The Epic Hook-Up

Yep. We want to swipe right with your sales team. Just making things pretty isn’t good enough. We are marketing rock stars. We make sure things look good AND ensure they put on a good performance. From brainstorming to strategy to design, we create processes that translate to your sales team, which, in turn, translate to ROI.


We are committed to upholding standards that we feel cannot be compromised. These are our Six Degrees of Service.

Industry Focused. Outcome Driven.

We Help You Create, Communicate & Convert


Marketing strategy is a tremendous strength at SixDegrees. As an integrated firm, we go beyond just clicks or opens and really get to know your ideal prospect, your company culture and sales process. We create strategies that work while ensuring campaign outcomes translate to leverage your sales team can actually use.


Stand out in a crowded room of competitors. From RFPs to presentations, brochures to postcards, websites to logos, employee communications to total comps – you name it, we excel at it. Our creativity drives us and inspires others. We help the ‘YOU’ come through to your audience in all you do. Be remembered – contact SixDegrees.


SixDegrees develops the brands your prospects remember. A consistently communicated, cohesive brand, story and strategy are three often overlooked, effective, powerful tools in your differentiation and retention arsenal. Brands create connections, transcending ‘just products’ to real purpose.


We think behavioral data is super sexy. Almost drool-worthy, really. Arguably, some of the most valuable data is produced by web assets. Most do not know the value hidden in this data. We do. We capture online behaviors and leverage it to identify, predict and produce intelligence your sales team can effectively use to start prospect conversations.


Your digital content equates to a real-time smile and handshake with potential prospects. We create content that is relatable, engaging, relevant and effective. As marketers we are masters at striking a balance between what you want to say and what your target audience is willing to listen to.


SixDegrees believes in results that translate to dollars. We engage with your sales team to understand their natural sales process so we can produce meaningful leads, shorten sales cycles, and create opportunities that matter. Our engagement is structured to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, making both more effective.