We Build It - You Keep It

Not every client is a good fit for our Partner program. This may be due to size or complexity of current internal structure not being conducive to an outsourced type of marketing partner.

For this reason, we created The Builder. Attempting to create a marketing department without the proper support, training and technology can lead to costly mistakes such as hiring staff with the wrong skill sets, decreased efficiency due to not having the proper processes or standards in place, engaging in contracts with expensive, often inefficient software or tools. Even worse yet, lack of proper technique could end up burning your expensive mailing lists or lead to costly fines by not properly structuring campaigns or appropriately vetting your market.

Below are examples of some of our services often included during Year One.

Brand and market assessment

Organizational (processes & resources) assessment

Technology assessment

Brand & Website Development (if necessary)

Collateral Development & Production

Platform On-Boarding

Development of 3-Year Integrated Strategy

Research and development of prospect database

Develop and document standards, workflows and processes

... and much more

Year One encompasses all of the Partner level services, including development of a 3-year strategy.  The Builder is structured to develop standards, processes, technology and documentation, as well as support, training, management and monitoring of new (or existing) staff gradually transitioning production and execution to internal resources over the course of Year Two.

Below are examples of some of our services often included during Year Two.

Ongoing campaign development & management

Ongoing website management

Ongoing content development

Ongoing email marketing management

Ongoing business intelligence

Ongoing sales collateral support (presentations, rfps, etc)

Ongoing management, training & development of CRM technology

Collateral Library development

Assistance with vetting and training of marketing staff

... and much more

Year Two begins the management & transition stages. SixDegrees continues to maintain and manage all marketing processes while helping you place and train internal resources. Throughout Year Two, we will train, support, manage and monitor new (or existing) staff to ensure that you have deep rooted knowledge and expertise you will be able to depend on internally. At the close of Year Two, we will review the final year of our 3-year strategy to ensure a focused and consistent first year as your new department takes off on its own.

The Builder will be customized to fit your needs. This is a ‘flat-rate’program in which you do not incur additional costs above your contracted rate and is designed to include all of the components and processes needed to help you build a first-class, self-sufficient internal marketing department over a two year period.

Average Annual Cost:

$120,000 – $250,000 *

*price varies based upon size of organization and services to be included. Discovery consultation, proposal and detailed scope of services will be provided prior to engagement.