Melissa Hoffman

CEO  |  Brand & Strategy Director

Melissa brings over 20 years of industry expertise spanning integrated marketing strategy, web design, SEO, social media, content & story development, brand development & brand strategy, as well as a strong passion and expertise in consumer behavior with predictive analysis.  Having had the opportunity to work on both the technical and creative sides of the field, Melissa has a unique perspective and drive to not only produce creative to drive retention and emotional connection, but to drive strategies that produce real results.

“Most clients know they need to market themselves; they simply do not know the best way to get it done. Marketing isn’t just about ‘checking that box’ to send a monthly email blast. Marketing should consistently work to draw new and renewed interest to your brand while engaging your market in a compelling, relevant brand story. Marketing is strategic; not procedural.”

“Here at Six, we educate clients and team to understand the importance of not just any one marketing effort or sales effort, but rather the unstoppable force you create when these efforts strategically work together across every asset, every single time. By helping you realize more efficient, effective integration of marketing into and around your natural sales cycle, we make sure your marketing is not only meaningful and relevant to your prospects, but also to your sales team and bottom line.”